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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Victoria's Secret

It's not secret anymore, Victoria's Secret will enter Japan. Over the last year if you asked anyone in the industry they would all tell you they are coming this year or next but they are all wrong as I have just learned Victoria's Secret will come to Japan in 2012 earliest. They will enter under Limited Brands, their mother-company and open retail stores and have a web, catalog and keitai presence and one can only hope - a Japanese Victoria's Angel too...

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  1. Alice and the Queen, Thank you for your comment. Yes, I know it is 2012, almost 2103 and still no VS in Japan. I am beginning to think they are never going to arrive.

    When I spoke with the CMO, who was quite irate he told me VS will come to Japan when they are ready.

    VS has has many conversations with potential partners, industry leaders and more but still have not committed to the Japanese market.

    While they folly their competitors are taking note and expanding and entering into Japan i.e. Fredrick's of Hollywood, Agent Provacteur, and more.

    It seems VS may have missed their chance and maybe just another "could have been".