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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Globalization of Fast Retailing

In an effort to truly globalize operations and immerse themselves in the global economy Fast Retailing has announced it will send all of its Japanese store managers and managerial personnel overseas to work and train for the global environment. Overall there will be about 900 employees from Japan sent overseas for up to three years to work at about 150 stores in nine countries including the US, Europe and Asia. Fast Retailing will also transfer foreign employees based abroad to Japan for training and to foster cross-border relations within the company.
As well as globalizing their workforce Fast Retailing will also globalize their manufacturing by relocating some of the designing, product development and operations from Japan to China, Vietnam and Bangladesh which is considering a special economic-zone for Fast Retailing and other apparel manufacturers.

Besides the cost savings of moving design, development and production management overseas Fast Retailing also expects to increase sales – up to 50% of total global sales by 2016.

Information Fast Retailing Corp.

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