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Monday, December 6, 2010

Point Inc. is Coming to a Train Station Near You

Not to be out-sold by Uniqlo in the battle to gain retail dominance of the new retail space opening in Japan’s train stations, one of Fast Retailing’s big competitors, Point Inc. plans on opening up to 50 casual wear shops over the next several years.

Point Inc. is focusing the new stores in and around Tokyo and is already forecasting more than 5 billion yen a year in sales. The first Point Inc. store to open inside a train station will take place this on Saturday 18 December in JR Ueno Station…with about 49 new stores to follow.

With the recent decline of retail store openings in Japan, retailers are turning to train stations to help boost sales with half the store size.

Do retailers really think opening many small stores instead of big ones especially in train stations where commuters are pressed for time, will increase sales more than several large stores?

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