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Friday, December 10, 2010

Uniqlo - Here We Go Again

Fast Retailing today announced it will open their first Uniqlo store in Thailand in Bangkok in the fall of 2011. This will be Uniqlo’s third store in South East Asia after Singapore in 2009 and Malaysia earlier this year.

Fast Retailing’s goal is to become the number one apparel company in the world. They are currently number three behind Inditex, H&M and GAP.

Fast Retailing’s goal of global apparel domination is based on Japan being a cash-cow, financing their overseas expansion. Unfortunately that planned has encountered a harsh economy where Uniqlo’s same-store-sales have been down nine out of eleven months this year – a far cry from their glory days of 2009 when same-store-sales were reaching double-digit growth month-after-month.

With falling sales in Japan Fast Retailing has had to re-forecast their original sales goal of one trillion yen by the end of this financial year.

With 822 stores in Japan do you think Fast Retailing should open more stores in Japan?

Information Fast Retailing Corporation & Nikkei


  1. If only they would expand in the US! Two stores in NYC is not enough! It would be wise of them to build something in the LA and SF areas, with all the Asian population out here. People have been clamoring for Uniqlo out here for years!

  2. Hello Eric, I actually met with Fast Retailing parent company of Uniqlo several weeks ago and they informed me they are going to expand in the US outside of NY. Hopefully LA, SF and other cities will have a Uniqlo soon.

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  4. Eric, thank you for your great comment. I really appreciate at it and look forward to you following my blog and your comments. Timothy