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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fifth Avenue; Location of the World’s Largest Uniqlo – Until Spring 2012

On Monday I wrote about Fast Retailing opening up the largest Uniqlo in Asia – located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Now, with the opening of Fast Retailing’s Second Uniqlo store on Fifth Avenue on 14 October, it will the largest Uniqlo in the world – that is until Uniqlo’s largest store opens in Shinjuku, Tokyo next spring, then the Fifth Avenue Uniqlo store will be the second largest in the world while the Shinjuku store will be the largest in Asia…and the world.

The Fifth Avenue Uniqlo will be 4,620sqm. While the Shinjuku, Tokyo store will be about 5,000 meters.

In addition to the Fifth Avenue store Fast Retailing is not wasting anytime and will open their third store in New York on 21 October at 34th Street. At 4,290sqm this store will be the second largest in the world…until next spring when it becomes the third largest.

When and where do you think Fast Retailing will open their an even larger Uniqlo store?

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  1. I want the answer to be Sydney, but really doubt it is.

  2. hello ginerva, thank you for your comment. I believe Uniqlo will open in Sydney soon enough as their competition is opening there and it makes sense for their global domination...i mean expansion.