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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Uniqlo Sales Jump in July

Fast Retailing’s Uniqlo experienced an increase in same-store-sales for the second consecutive month. Buoyed by strong sales of summer apparel due to the heat and the Cool Biz campaign encouraged by the government and corporations alike (this time) Uniqlo reported a healthy 11.2% increase in July sales. The good news in July comes after a 3.9% same-store-increase in June after a previous decrease of 1.5% in May, and a 1.9% a decrease for the March to May quarter.

Fast Retailing also reported an increase in their same-store-customer visits of 7.0%, also up for the second consecutive month after June increased 0.4%.

Sales at Uniqlo were expected to increase during the summer, especially with the super cool biz campaign, and I am curious on how August sales will do after Uniqlo already introduced their Heattech line to all 823 stores.

Do you think it is too early to buy Heattech?

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